Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

                Using Autoresponders to                    Communicate with Your Audience the                               Right Way

It’s no surprise that emails can be automated and you can create various types of autoresponders and automated funnels sequences. They also have various names, but they basically all mean the same thing..

It’s the concept that you set your emails up in advance, you front load the work and then that email automation will work for you 24/7/365. And sure, you can still do a lot of automation with other marketing tools as well.

And, don’t worry about average open rates of 20%, an average click through rates of 2%, or anything like that. It doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. So, if you’re sending valuable emails and you have a good relationship with your list, then you can expect to see open rates above 30%, which again, doesn’t sound like much. But, if you have 10,000 people on your list, that’s 3,000 people every single email you send. And, if you have a click through rate of 3-4% or even 5%…think about it.


That’s out of 10,000 people. It’s 300-500 clicks. Imagine how much you would have to pay for the same number of clicks with Facebook ads. If we assume a cost per click of one or two dollars or sometimes even more than that. That’s already several hundred to a 1,000$ just for one message to get across to your audience.

So, that’s the real power of email. And now imagine automating all these things and doing this on autopilot. It’s super powerful and actually setting up a few basic automations, isn’t even that difficult.

So right now, I’m going to give you a few simple, but very effective automations that you can basically create and plug into your business even today or within a few days. So, first of all, you need a welcome sequence.

And this is just basically a tool to give a good first impression to anybody who subscribes on your list. So basically, you can make this as short as two or three emails to as long as a week. And, basically in the first email, you just acknowledge the lead magnet that they subscribe to. You give them the download link, you give them some basic information, set expectations, and what they can expect. In a second email, you can tell them more about yourself, about your story, your business, why you are here, and why your brand exists.


Then the third email, you can just show them a few case studies or tell them a story about someone who was just like them, who are in their own shoes. And you help them in some way, either through one of your products or through working with them personally, or something along those lines.

In the fourth email, you can give them something really valuable or some useful things that relate to your brand, but also released their problem. You get the idea. This is the basic welcome sequence that every single business should have.

This welcome sequence will set the stage for future sales sequences or any other plans that you have with a subscriber later on in your email system. The second type of sequence is a sales sequence that you should have whenever you launch something live, whenever you’re doing webinar, whenever you have an evergreen course funnel or even whenever you’re selling something physical.

But you want to plan that out across several emails. That’s a sales sequence and I’ll cover this more in a future. But for now, just know that a five, seven, even 10-part sales sequence will be the big moneymaker on your email list. And it’s something which is a bit more complicated to do, especially in the copywriting department. But it’s going to be those really high needle movers that you must have in your business.

So, a third type of automated sequence that you should have is an abandoned cart email sequence made up of one, two to three maximum emails. Just know that reminding people that they’ve abandoned a purchase that they’ve completed and abandoned the whole sales process on your checkout page is one of the best ways to add an extra 20 to 30 percent off of revenue to your businessAnd it’s definitely a low hanging fruit. Yet, I still see a lot of businesses don’t have this set-up, and it baffles me. But it’s super simple to do.

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Now, the fourth type of email automation that you should have is a reactivation campaign. So obviously most people will still not open your emails regardless of how well you’re doing, but that’s fine.

However, you do have to clean your list eventually every six months or so. You do this so that your senders score doesn’t take a hit. This is just a normal thing to do. And this is unique to every single email system there is. But, I’m sure if you Google this, you will find some practical information on the subject.

But, for now, just know that having a reactivation campaign and automating this whole process will make cleaning your list much better, much easier. And, your results will truly improve because of this.

So that’s it for very simple email automations that every single business should have. The first one was a welcome sequence. The second one was a dedicated sales sequence. The third one was an abandonment card sequence, and the fourth was a reactivation campaign. If you implement these successfully, you’re already ahead of 70 to 80% of online businesses out there. Hands down…

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And, if you need help with this, feel free to reach out to me; I might be able to help you with that! 

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