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This tip is KEY. Basically, what we’re talking about is understanding your target market. Make sure who you’re talking to is the right audience. The message you’re telling them and the product you’re promoting to them

What do I mean by that? That means using the actual search function on YouTube, so that when people search there for a particular keyword, they’re going to find your videos. Let’s say, for example, we’re on YouTube right now and someone is trying to find affiliate marketing strategies.

Now, in the beginning this is really helpful because there’s a lot of other big channels out there, a lot of content. They’re getting more promotion than your stuff, so you want to make sure that you start off

You want to think about how the content is that you like. How does it look to you? How detailed is it? How highly involved is it? You know the kind of information that you want to

Alright, so a call to action, if you don’t know, is basically telling people what you want them to do.

In the affiliate marketing space, you can have affiliate offers that pay between $10-30 dollars. That’s a small percentage. Amazon is a perfect example: You get paid between 4-10%, which is a small amount. This means you need

I can’t really emphasize to you enough how much consistency means in this affiliate marketing game. Especially, if you’re promoting on YouTube because you’ve got to think about this

Top Tips in Content Marketing

Do a lot of research and really collect content upfront. So, there’s a lot of different ways to do that and a lot of different types of content. Think about the different types. I’m going to give you some examples; one type would be

Do a lot of research and really collect content upfront. So, there’s a lot of different ways to do that and a lot of different types of content. Think about the different types. I’m going to give you some examples; one type would be

Creating your cadence means, What are you posting? What types of content are you posting every day or every week? When you build out your content library, you’ll have all these different ideas and all types of content. Once you do that, you’ll be able to visualize what you want to post. So, maybe you want to post a quote in the morning and then you want to post a stat in the afternoon and maybe you want to post a video in the evening. This is just an example but you want

Now that you have your ideas, you have your cadence, and now you can come up with your schedule. So, what does your schedule look like? Is it going to be something where you’re going to be posting one time a day, three times a day, five times a day? You’ll kind of know what that needs to be, based on your idea library and your cadence. So, figure that out. We would recommend posting

The idea library is awesome for just pre-populating all these ideas so you don’t even need to think about it. The cadence and the schedule you lay all that in, so you have posts that are ready to go that are scheduled and that you have dialed in. But in addition to that you want to

Canva is a tool that basically lets you pre-schedule your posts, so they send out at the correct time and also it has

You don’t want to necessarily just post content and push content all the time. You want to be social…so you want to like, comment, follow other people, engage with the community, and be involved. So, don’t just post the content, actually be an active engaging of other content this is going to help you increase your brand awareness and

Find some role models in your industry that you think are doing a great job of social media that are delivering great content value to you and then

If you notice that you see more engagement, more likes, and more sharing for your evening posts, maybe you want to do more posts in the evening. Or, you want to adjust the times that your posts are going live or if you see a particular type

Make sure that you stay relevant to the subject matter for your social media and your brand. People that are following you for you know maybe

Make sure they are real ly professional and design, they look good\, you have good profile pictures, and you populate all the areas of content.

While building content and engaging is really powerful from an organic perspective; also invest in paid. Do some light campaigns, spend some money boosting

Keep focusing on your content strategy. So many times we see good content starting to come out for a brand and then

Top Tips in List Building

What does that mean? That means that they need to hear from you on a regular, consistent basis that they can basically set their calendar or they watched by you and they can say, “Hey. I should have received an email from Jim and I realized I haven’t seen that yet.” So, your clients are engaged with you via…
I really love this saying, “Sell, Sell, Sell. You will fail.” What does that mean? That means if all you do is push, push, push your product to your client, then they are not going to want to hear from you because they’re tired of being sold. So, if you give them some value along with it…

Understand, that it takes on average about seven touches for a sale to occur, so that means that your customer might have to receive an average of seven emails before they buy from you. Now that is just an average because…

Whatever fun language you might use, this is what you share with your audience because this is a part of you. So, address your email list as if you are addressing someone that you’ve known forever, because…
So, you always have to email them every day, at least once a day, so they get something from you.

Top Tips in Email Marketing

Make sure you’re delivering value with every email that you send. Your subscribers should see value in these emails because if they don’t…

Keep it simple. A lot of people are looking at their emails on their phones, so make sure the email looks good on the phone. What we recommend is…

The subject line is what people see initially. This is really what’s going to entice them to open the email, or not, so make sure it’s a catchy subject line and also keep it short. You want to…

Studies show the best day to send is Tuesday. Second best day is Thursday. Third best day is Wednesday. So, it’s the middle of the week; Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, are the best days to send where people open their emails and…

If you serve a B2B (business to business) audience, the best time to send is actually 6 A.M. By sending it at 6 A.M., it’s at the top of their inbox when they show up to work, so that helps your email be a little bit more effective. If you’re sending to a general consumer audience, we’re going to probably have better effects…

Every time you send a campaign, look at the data. What percentage opened it? How did they interact with it? Was there high rates of un-subscribers? Which time did you send it? Which day did you send it? Test different things. Try different things after the course of sending many emails.

Top Tips in Video Marketing

Consider your audience with every piece of content that you create and what I mean by that is, you need to really understand the customer avatar or your audience avatar. And, not just at a surface level, not just demographically, but you really need to understand them psycho-graphically and do…

Know your audience and recognize that your audience is the hero of your content. You are not the hero of your own story. Every day, your customers, your audience, are waking up and they’re the heroes of their own story. And, when we’re creating content that’s designed to cut through to those people…

It’s critical to produce your video content in a platform native way. So, what I mean by platform native is that the production considerations; things like screen ratio or the size of the actual frame that you’re producing your video in. The way that you use captions or titles on the screen or even the duration of your video, or the way that…

When it comes to video marketing, you can’t release the same video, unedited and unchanged, on every single platform. For instance, taking the video that you upload onto YouTube and sticking it up, as is, on Facebook, or LinkedIn. Just posting it everywhere and hoping that as many people as possible see it. So, what I want you to do is actually…

Now, I’m not talking about your subtitles, which you may use on YouTube or potentially on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well. I’m talking about burnt in captions. Burnt in captions are basically when the captions or the transcript of what’s being said in the video is…

Pay attention to the metrics that matter, so you can refine your video strategy moving forward. By the metrics that matter, I mean whatever publishing platform you’re distributing your video content on, you need to be thinking about what data do you have access to and how can that data inform your strategy moving forward? So, whether it’s, looking at YouTube impressions and…

Get the content out there and worry about analyzing the data later, rather than getting bogged down in this paralysis by analysis, and spending too much time obsessing over the data and not…

Video is so much more than just marketing and advertising. Video can be used effectively all the way through, from the awareness phase right through that process of consideration where people are…

In fact, in many cases, depending on your strategy, you don’t want to be selling or seem to be selling within your video strategy. You want to be leading with value, helping people, creating content that betters your audience’s life because doing that..

As video has become more and more democratized, the ease of which we can create video simply with the smartphone in our pocket, is it’s in everyone’s hands now. What that means is that it’s easy to create videos more than ever, but the problem with that is…

Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Most affiliate marketing beginners would start without a website or domain name. They usually copy and paste affiliate links everywhere for affiliate promotion. The problem with that is..

What affiliate link cloaking plugin basically does is: It shortens any ugly looking long affiliate tracking URLs into short URL, which is easy to remember and looks clean as well.

You might already be knowing that email marketing is the best way to sell affiliate products and earn a huge affiliate commission. If you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, you need to have an email marketing software so that you may start… 

One of the biggest mistake affiliate marketing newbies make is, they send traffic directly to affiliate product links as they want more affiliate sales. But, you know what? A large percentage of people who visit your affiliate link will not buy on the first visit. That’s why you need a lead capture page or a sales funnel so….

Using Autoresponders, as well as Communication with Your Audience the Right Way

It’s no surprise that emails can be automated and you can create various types of autoresponders and automated funnels sequences. And they have various names, but they basically all mean the same thing.

It’s the concept that you set something up in advance, you front load the work and then that email automation will work for you 24/7/365. And sure, you can still do a lot of automation with other marketing tools as well.

And don’t worry about average open rates of 20%, an average click through rates of 2%, or something. That doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of things. So, if you’re sending good emails, you have a good relationship with your list, then you can expect to see open rates above 30%, which again, doesn’t sound like much.

But if you have 10,000 people on your list, that’s 3,000 people every single email you sell. And, if you have a click through rate of 3-4% or even 5%, think about it.

That’s out of 10,000 people. That’s 300-500 clicks. Imagine how much you would have to pay for the same number of clicks with the Facebook ads. If we assume a cost per click of one or two dollars or sometimes even more than that’s already like several hundred to a 1,000 dollars just for one message to get across your audience.

So, that’s the real power of email. And now imagine automating all these things and doing this on autopilot. It’s super powerful and actually setting up a few basic automations, isn’t even that difficult.

So right now, I’m going to give you a few simple, but very effective automations that you can basically create and plug into your business even today or within a few days. So, first of all, you need a welcome sequence.

And this is just basically a tool to give a good first impression to anybody who subscribes on your list. So basically, you can make this as short as 2-3 emails to as long as a week. And basically in the first email, you just acknowledge the lead magnet that they subscribe to.

You give them the download link, give them some basic information, and set expectations and what they can expect in a second email, you can tell them more about yourself, about your story, your business, about why you are here and why your brand exists.

Then the third email, you can just show them a few case studies or tell them a story about someone who was just like them, who are in their own shoes. And you help them in some way, either through one of your products or through working with them personally or something.

And then in the fourth email, you can you can give them something really valuable or some useful things that relate to your brand, but also released their problem. And, you know, you get the idea this is basic welcome sequence that every single business should have.

And this will set the stage for future sales sequences or any other plans that you have with a subscriber later on in your email system. The second type of sequence is a sales sequence that you should have whenever you launch something live, whenever you’re doing webinar, whenever you have an evergreen course funnel or even whenever you’re selling something physical.

But you want to plan that out across several emails.

So, a third type of automated sequence that you should have is an abandoned car email sequence made up of one, two to three maximum emails. But for now, just know that reminding people that they’ve abandoned a purchase that they did. And completed and they’ve abandoned the whole sales process on your checkout page is one of the best ways to add an extra 20-30% off of revenue to your business.

So, the fourth type of email automation that you should have is reactivation campaign. So obviously most people will still not open your emails regardless of how well you’re doing, but that’s fine.

However, you do have to clean your list every six months. So, that your senders score doesn’t take a hit. You know, your normal emails don’t start landing and spam folders because there are so many non-legit subscribers tied to your domain, your subscribers who aren’t opening your emails.

So, this is just a normal thing to do. And this is unique to every single email system there is. But I’m sure that if you Google this, you will find some practical information. But for now, just know that having a reactivation, camping with one, two, three emails and automating this whole process will make you cleaning your list much better, much easier.

And your results will truly improve because of this. So that’s it, guys, for very simple email automation’s that every single business should have. The first one was a welcome sequence. The second one was a dedicated cell sequence.

The third one was an abandonment card sequence, and the third was a reactivation campaign. If you implement these successfully, you’re already ahead of 70-80% of online businesses out there.

Hands down. So, make sure to do it because otherwise you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. And hey, if you need help with this and feel free to reach out to me, because I might be able to help you with that.

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