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Lead Generation: 7 Effective Ways to Generate Sales Leads

Typically, it’s the role of marketing to be responsible for generating leads, but that doesn’t mean sales can’t be proactive or have their own strategies in place for generating sales leads too.

A sales lead is a sales contact, individual, or organization that has expressed direct interest in purchasing your goods or services. It’s a lead attracted to your business through lead generation tactics implemented by the sales team.

In this blog, we’ll discuss seven sales-based lead generation tactics to help you hit your sales goals

So let’s jump straight into idea number one, which is to answer questions on Q&A services or participate in conversations online. This is not only a quality way to attract sales leads for the sales team, but it’s a tactic that marketers use in SEO and backlinking.

Every day, people are faced with questions in their roles and businesses they need answers to. And who better to do it than your sales team? Obviously, don’t go answering questions that you have absolutely zero authority on or that don’t relate to your products and service.

But, helping people solve their problems should be at the core of your sales strategy. Services such as Quora are great ways to meet customers on their terms. If you’ve helped someone solve the issue, they may be more inclined to purchase, and if they don’t purchase, your answer will be in the public view for others with the same question to see, which could result in others enquiring about your services.

The second tactic you could use is exploiting your LinkedIn network. Whether you’re heavy on your LinkedIn usage or a once-a-month kind of person, you’ve most likely got a whole range of connections in industries and organizations, all with problems just waiting to be solved.

Now, no one likes a pest on any social media account, especially one that’s designed for professionals. So, don’t be annoying and keep it exactly that, professional. Don’t go copying and pasting the same generic message to the 500 people in your network.

Be strategic, personable, and don’t forget to be professional. Our third tip is to chat with your visitors via live chat. Nowadays, people want answers and they want them fast. Rather than heading to your contact page, submitting a form and then waiting for hours, you can help them immediately by setting up live chat on your website.

What originally could be a lead going cold is now a fresh lead coming direct to your inbox with a chance of becoming a customer from that very conversation. Idea number four, is to make full use of your email signature.

Your standard email signature could have your name, role, phone number and company website. But what if you used it to deliver content that could guide your potential lead through their buyer’s journey? Not everyone will click a link in your signature, but if the option isn’t there, you’ll never know.

Use your signature as an opportunity to send them to your services, page, your blog, an exclusive offer, or direct them to your social media accounts so they can learn more about you and your company.

Be strategic with what you place in there and don’t make it overcrowded! 

Another way to generate sales leads is to offer a customer referral deal. Studies have shown that people are four times more likely to purchase the product if referred by a friend. Remember people sharing their Uber referral codes when it was launched in Australia? If you shared your unique referral code, not only did your friend receive $10 off, but you did too! A prime example of a customer referral deal.

By offering benefits for customers who refer friends, you’re not only rewarding existing customers for helping promote your brand, but you’re receiving high quality sales leads. Now to our sixth idea to revisit closed and lost opportunities.

People’s circumstances change. While they may have not been ready to purchase six months ago, they might be now. It’s not necessarily worth following up every single lost opportunity. But if you make note in your CRM, the reason the opportunity was lost, you can identify the leads more likely to return.

Keep in contact with lost opportunities by building long term relationships. And if they require your type of product or service, you’ll be number one on that call list. Our seventh and final tip is to write for a blog.

Some salespeople may think that content and writing blogs is a marketing tool and only for the marketing team to look after. That thought would be wrong. Don’t just wait for marketing to write a blog and for the leads to roll in.

A proactive sales team is a successful one. Everyone in your company will have varying knowledge on topics – so tap into that knowledge and write about what you’re an expert on. You don’t necessarily need to be the strongest writer.

There are tools to help you like Grammarly, or you can send writing to people to proof! As long as you have the knowledge, you can write a blog and share your expert insight with potential leads and customers.

Not only will a blog contribute to your SEO rankings, but people will see you as a thought leader in your industry, which builds trust. Overall, if you’re serious about smashing your sales targets, you should be proactive, which is why you’re probably reading this and researching sales leads ideas.

Not every single one of the suggestions here are going to flood your inbox with sales leads overnight, but reviewing this list and tackling one tip per month will provide long term benefits and better ROI as part of your lead generation strategy.

And…to make your marketing strategy easier, there’s a pretty cool software we found that helps you generate MASSIVE leads. It’s called the ClientFinda AI Wizard. The ClientFinda Wizard actually generates laser-targeted and pre-qualified buyer leads. It literally targets ONLY those leads with specific requirements and that are most likely to buy your services. Nice, right?! Check out ClientFinda HERE and watch your lists take off!

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