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How to Get Free Traffic in Affiliate Marketing with NO Website!

So, you’re ready to jump into the online world! 

You start researching and you immediately get overwhelmed because you are trying to figure out how to make money online with affiliate marketing

The first thing you feel you need to do is to make a website, right? Wrong! Welcome to Make Money Automated!

We are going to go over 4 key ways on how to do affiliate marketing without a website. 

When it comes to making money online, there’s a certain flow that everybody begins to work with. They have to build a website in order to make money, build a brand, create and increase their presence online. Now, don’t get me wrong, having a website is definitely a key way to building your online presence. However, it doesn’t mean you have to start there. You can become an affiliate marketer without a website. 

It ALL comes down to one key piece, being able to send targets or leads to an affiliate vendor website. Then, from there, having them convert into customers, that in the end….make you money. The most popular option when it comes to doing affiliate marketing without a website is to promote through social media. 

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Clubhouse, or any new social media that comes out there. These are all free platforms that you can build your brand off of and are free to start. With these platforms, you’re using influencing your friends or followers that have found you through tags or consistent content. Trust building comes through creating consistent posts, telling unique stories, and providing great content. Your readers become to rely on you. 

These actions will help your audience and leads begin to trust you. Trust will make them more likely to buy from you because you are a trusted brand. They’re going to trust what you have to tell them. Along, with the products that you’re pitching. Most importantly, you have to make sure that you have your niche down. 

This means that your content has to be consistent and specific to exactly what you’re talking about. Say you’re creating a social media page on Instagram that’s about dogs, all the content should be related to dogs. You shouldn’t post random pieces about boats or cars. Doing this will drive away your authenticity of being an expert in a very specific area. This, along with consistency, will definitely get to your first sale online and is a great side hustle.

Develop an E-Book or Become Active in Forums to Create a Sense of Authority

The next tip is to create an E-book. Creating any sort of formal documentation, whether it’s an E-book, a presentation or a cheat sheet, immediately creates a sense of authority.  To your readers, this formal documentation makes you the expert in the area. This does tend to be more involved. However, creating a successful digital asset such as an E-book helps solve their problems. An E-book teach them pieces of information that they don’t know or hacks to help speed up the progress to their goals

Using the dog example again, if they’re trying to train their dog how to sit, then if you provide an E-book or a cheat sheet on the subject, these are the quick ways to do it. And, it actually helps them get closer to the goal. It’s going to build that trust that will make them open up their wallets in order to give you money to buy whatever products or services you are recommending to them. The third tip is to take advantage of online forums and communities.

Forums and communities exist all over the internet these days. Sites like Quora or Reddit are fantastic places to promote your affiliate links. Accounts to most of these areas are free. This means you can get started right away as long as you know what you’re talking about. In order to dive in and make an immediate impact, the first thing that you want to do is find a subject where you can answer questions. Or, you can provide additional detail to create an expert persona about yourself. 

Going back to the dog example, if you are searching Quora, you want to look at questions about people that are struggling with their dogs. Then you need to provide genuine solutions to their problems. Once you’ve solved their problem, you can put a teaser at the end of your comment. This teaser would say something like, “hey, if you want to learn more, then click on this link. Find out the 10 best tips on how to speed up making your dog sit”. 

These simple end captures will drive lots of traffic. Traffic builds as you begin to build your brand and credibility at being a positive contributor to the forums. It’s always important to make sure you’re checking the community guidelines first. So, that way you’re not over saturating your affiliate links and you are finding the data needed in order to be an upstanding citizen in these free forums and online communities. The worst thing that you could do is get an affiliate link spammed everywhere and to get your account banned. 

Everybody else that was searching for an answer is now unhappy because they’re looking at garbage. And because you never built up the credibility with them, they were never going to buy from you in the first place. Keep up your active engagement because that will continue to build your trust with others in the forums. This well also build relationships where you can team up with others, in order to speed up your credibility in the area.

Some examples of how to be effective at being active in engagement, is to actually talk directly with the readers. Whether it’s in the forum or the online chat group, You can take that and go directly to them. You do this by sending them a direct message, whether it’s social media or directly through the app. The best way to keep the conversations going once you’ve offered solutions to their problems is to ask a question back to them to keep the conversation going. So, if someone asked, how do I train my dog and you give them an answer and also the affiliate link, ask them a question back saying, well how did it go? Has the training helped? or even ask what other problems are they having? The more you learn about your customer, the easier it is to sell them what they need because you know all their pain points. This in turn, means that you can provide them more powerful solutions.

Forum Social Media Integration
Forums Vs Modern Social Media

Provide a Direct Visual Relationship by Using Youtube Videos.

Last but not least, is tip number four, which is to use Youtube videos. Youtube is the mecca of everything when it comes to online. Even when you’re googling a question or a search result, YouTube videos actually come up as a recommended option. The reason for this is, video can be consumed over 20 times faster than reading text. There’s a direct visual relationship being able to see something done live compared to reading a static article. If you think about it, that’s actually why we were only given one mouth but two ears. Youtube is free to create an actual account. You don’t have to be a Youtube star with millions of followers to create a successful affiliate marketing platform.

As long as you’re continuing to provide informative, useful and creative content, you’ll have no trouble achieving success. The biggest thing is to always stay niche specific. So, if you’re trying to promote some sort of product or service, make sure it’s directly tied to the videos you’re promoting. As an example, if I created a dog video, my service  better be about dogs. The best place to put your affiliate marketing link is in the description. Also, statistically, the first link should be the link to where you want to direct them the most. When someone is looking for a description, they’re going to key off of the main pieces of information directly in front of them. This is compared to scrolling down if the description is long.

Most importantly, make sure you’re legally covering yourself by putting in a disclaimer towards the bottom. The disclaimer should say if you click links within the description, they may be affiliate related. In this case you’ll earn a commission.

Regardless of which approach you go with, it always comes back to being consistent. As well as providing the readers, viewers, followers, and leads with fresh and useful content. Your content helps solve or teach them information that they need to know in order to be successful with their interests. As you begin to post more and more, you’ll be creating a digital backlog of assets. Assets that you can rely on to gain statistics from. You can use these statistics and analytics in order to figure out what’s working and driving the most interests. 

So, using that dog example again, if I am focusing on sitting, teaching them to play dead, or how to go into the backyard to the bathroom in a specific spot; and the one that is getting the most interest in how to play dead…spend more time creating posts about the advanced trainings and explaining how to train your dog to play dead, compared to focusing on just doing sitting or where they should go to the bathroom in the backyard. 

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