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Effective goal setting for your business

The other day I woke up, looked out the window, and just wanted to roll over and go back to bed. Can you relate? I know you can. I’ve had the same type of days, and maybe you have too. You know… when nothing is going right, you’re getting rejected, feel like you’re paying for the abuse, and wonder if it’s even worth it. 

It’s gotten so hard sometimes that I wanted just to give up. I wanted to run and hide and tell Micardo we should just forget about it all. Then I thought about going back to a full-time 9-5, and that sent me into full blown panic mode! I want to share something with you that helps me get through even the roughest of weather and how effective goal setting plays such a huge part. 

There are those times in your business that no matter how hard you press forward it seems like life pushes you two steps back. You just can’t get a break, and no matter how hard you push forward nothing works. And there’s that point where you hit a glass ceiling. 

You’re pulling people into your business but no matter how hard you try your overall team size just doesn’t grow. It’s like your income gets capped at a certain level and there’s nothing you can do to get past it. Or even worse, you’re working your tail off for hours on end and not bringing in any business at all. If you’ve been in the industry for a while and you’ve achieved some success you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re new, I hate to break the news to you, but there will likely be a period in your business (that could stretch for months) where the work seems to keep going, but the income isn’t flowing. It’s one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever experienced, but I had a breakthrough that helped me change my mindset and therefore our outcome. I was thinking about our business the wrong way…

The problem with this way of thinking is that it’s NOT a tangible goal setting. It’s one of the reasons why whenever I hear an affiliate marketer say they’re going to earn $5,000 per month their first month the moment they step into the business, I make them explain to me how. If you’re new, how can you know that you can achieve this?

The answer I hear time and time again is “Well… I’m just gonna do it.” My response? Goal setting. You need to know exactly HOW you’re going to get there – step by step. It’s crucial to have a dream.. to have a vision.. but the place you have to begin is with goal setting and realistic expectations. If you’re new, you can’t set realistic expectations without help. This is where getting to know and following an experienced leader on your team is essential. 

Basic goal setting helps to break the process down. You have to know the numbers you’re working with and be realistic about them. Don’t start with the income when you first set your expectations. Start with getting a single lead. Once you know what it takes to get one lead, you can move on to experiencing what it takes to get a customer. Once you know what it takes to get a customer, then you can start to talk about income. 

But before you know the effort to be exerted to get this far, there is no way you can talk about money. It’s like me saying “I’m going to make $2 million in the coffee industry this year” without knowing a thing about coffee. I can say what I want, but unless I know the mechanics behind how that income goal is achieved, I’m just playing in the world of fantasy. Fantasies and dreams are great, even necessary, but the magic happens when we can take those dreams and attach a REAL experience-based process to get there. Experience is the door opener. 

Proper goal setting is the key. 

So, I’ve said a lot so far . . . Hopefully, you’re following me here…I want to bring this all back to how we’ve used this principle to break through that invisible glass ceiling and how you can too. Start with small goal setting first. We got here by looking at where we were and used that to set realistic new DAILY goals and hold ourselves accountable to them. 

If you break things down to daily goal setting, it becomes tangible and do-able, and that’s where you want to play. Those smaller tangible goals are a lot easier on a daily basis. Your goal setting plan should map out realistic baby step increases, track them, course correct, and then take the next step. That’s the best I’ve found to consistently increase productivity in a controlled fashion, and if you follow along, you’ll find the same will work for you. 

Dream BIG, but bring those dreams back down to daily goals. Remember, it’s the goal setting that makes the difference. 

Here’s to all the success you see for yourself! 

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