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Content Marketing Right Now – The Long and Short of It

With so much buzz about content marketing, it’s odd that nobody is trying to define it in actionable terms. Although, if you look at the pattern of internet marketing labeling and re-labeling actions throughout history, it shouldn’t seem strange. When we use catch-alls, such as content creation, digital marketing, copywriting, internet marketer, the terms are inter-woven. 

Trying to Get a Handle on Content Marketing

Let’s pick an aspect of content marketing for internet marketers and see if we can nail it down. 

One of the biggest questions that I keep on receiving is how long or short good content should be. How long (or short) should your article be to be considered “good content” by industry standards?

Great question, glad I asked it! Now, if only we had an answer:

Remember this key fact, the more content you have, the more words on your website. Also, the more keywords you have in your content, the more in-depth you can get with your information. You can load your blog with all types of great content to increase subscribers and build your brand.

In-depth content provides website viewers with a foundation for knowledge and helps them make the best product decision. 

Amazing, informative content also establishes your company as a captain of the industry in your niche

Quick content has the added benefit of playing into the customer side of things. This gives your subscribers easy to digest nuggets of information without making them dig through your site. 

Quick content isn’t only easy to read and understand; it’s also easy to share, making it the more viral of the two choices. But who is going to purchase just one paragraph of information? Or better yet, in 120 Tweet characters? Longer content does a better job of informing the customers about your product.

So what’s Better? More Content or Less Content?

What’s the final verdict here? Both. You need long-form content just as much as you need shorter, easier to absorb content. 

Here’s why: Longer content will help your ranking improve on the Search engine sites. Longer content provides a “better customer experience” because it’s more in-depth. 


Quick, digestible content is great for social media and the fast-paced world.


content creation

You should draw prospective leads into your long-form content. Your long-form posts are where your viewers can learn all they need to know in-order to make their purchase quickly. Think about shorter content as branding, using it to raise awareness and go viral. If this were a meal, shorter content would be the appetizer and the dessert. It would be something to get you hungry and to really make you look forward to what drives you through the sale. Longer content represents the meat in your meal, providing the sustenance that will keep your lead nourished with information. 


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