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Is Success Possible With​ Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing???

So, you want to know everything about Affiliate Marketing, right? Well, hear what… I’m going to give you Step-by-Step tools that you can use to have a Successful Internet Marketing Business. Now, first of all, let’s talk about what Affiliate Marketing is. Affiliate Marketing is simply earning a commission for promoting someone else’s products. Once you become an affiliate of a product online, you are assigned a unique affiliate ID, or link, that is used to track each sale you make. Where and how you use it are the key to unlocking your earning potential! Your job is to put that link out there and persuade consumers that what you have is of value to them. When you convince them to purchase that product through clicking your link, you get paid!

So how do you convince them? 

Content Marketing provides the consumer with the product’s value and explains the “Why” for the buyer. “Why” they should buy the product you are selling. Providing this value to potential consumers can be done through Social Media, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, E-books, Webinars, Blogging, etc.

One of the KEY things to remember is making sure your content “Fits” your potential buyers.

One of the key things to remember is making sure your content “Fits” your potential buyers. You can accomplish this by having your potential buyers complete surveys, take polls, take quizzes, even participate in giveaways targeted towards specific audiences. By receiving input from your audience, you can then know what products your buyers are interested in. 

Here are a few other things to consider about Content Marketing

    • Create A Style Guide – Creating a style guide is essential when providing content. Making sure you have a consistent approach to the presentation and formatting of articles across your site it improves reader-friendliness and usability


    • Learn To Reuse And Re-purpose Your Content – Think about how your information can be adapted to fit other formats, such as video presentations, social media posts, or a webinar. This is very useful for an extended audience reach, as well as content regeneration, which means less work for you in the long run!


    • Create Readable Content – Quality always wins over Quantity. While it may seem easy to put out a lot of content fast, it’s the quality of what you share that will keep your audience coming back for more.


    • Include Topics That Have A Long Shelf-Life (or Evergreen) – Articles that have a long shelf life contain useful tips and advice that can continue to perform well over a more extended period. The information in these articles withstand the ages. Perform a gap analysis by researching gaps on Google.


  • Make The Most Of The Tools Available – There are a ton of useful Content Marketing tools out there! Making the most out of the tools available will put you ahead of the game, and they will take some of the work out of content generation, as well as help in the brainstorming process.

So, how do you attract potential buyers to your website with this amazing content you just learned? Email Marketing. Email marketing is a fun, exciting way to reach out to your audience and let them know what you have to offer. The emails you deliver bring the potential buyers to you by the content you develop and share with them. This is how Email Marketing works, “Have you ever opened an email, and the email has great information, but you don’t know where it came from or who sent it? However, they grabbed your attention, so you clicked on the link inside of the email and it took you to a completely different page? Guess what?? You have been already introduced to Email Marketing.

You were just on the other side… Welcome to the World of Email Marketing. Email marketing is the direct way of online promoting to potential customers. The content you share in the emails attracts the buyers to your website where you show them the value of your affiliate products, along with the link to the seller product page.

Autoresponders build customer trust through continuous engagement. 

In traditional Mail Marketing, promotional mail is sent to a general population; regardless of interest, location, or any type of connection, for that matter (known to some as “junk mail”). Traditional Mail Marketing wastes much time and A LOT of money. Email Marketing, however, allows for more freedom, is cheap to start and maintain, and it allows for audience targeting. 

Most of these benefits are accomplished by placing an autoresponder into your Email Marketing platform. Autoresponders will save you time; help your site maintain great first impressions; help you to target your audience because they showed you interest as soon as they clicked your link; provide immediate value to your viewers; keep your viewers engaged; and autoresponders can also send your viewers welcome emails to show them they are important and to build a connection. We’ll go over autoresponders in a little bit…

Email Marketing is an Excellent way to show your viewers what you are about. When you create your emails, show potential clients an informative approach towards the products you’re promoting, give them the value that will make them want more, and don’t forget to show them your savvy personality. 

Give your audience a reason to come to your website. Another benefit to Email Marketing versus traditional Mail Marketing is that with Email Marketing, marketers can give potential clients the information they want with a message that is dynamic. Let your message speak to your viewers. You can add music, videos, samples of E-books, survey links, or whatever you like. However you want to promote that interests them. I think you get the idea. So, once you grab your viewer’s attention, then what?? You build a list, of course! 

Build Your Lists

So, once you grab your viewer’s attention, then what?? You build a list, of course! List Building is the way to keep your audience connected to you. List Building is also the main ingredient to Email Marketing. It is Essential to have a list to grow your online, and offline business. So, how do you accomplish that?? Let’s get right to it!

Building a landing page is the first thing you need to do when building an email list. What page are you going to send your viewer to when they click on your link? What do you want their SECOND (note, the second) impression to be of you? There are two main reasons for creating a landing page.

Next, the headline… YOUR HEADLINE IS THE SPOKESPERSON FOR YOUR LANDING PAGE. Having an attractive headline will persuade viewers to dig into the rest of your content to see what you are about. If you don’t have a great headline, your viewers are NOT going to want to go any further and you have a lost prospect. Prevent lost prospects and increase your conversion rate by following these next few simple headline creating tips.

You want to create the headline for your landing page with a focus on time benefit. Make your buyer need to close the transaction today, for example, “Buy one, get one free…Today only!” The “Today only” makes your buyer say, “Oh my, I need to move on this now before I miss out!” Your headline also needs to show value. Add a few benefit words that will target your audience and draw their attention with what’s important to them.

Your list is your first and most important market where you can hope for the most successful sale.

Keep your headline straight to the point. You don’t want to confuse anyone. Simple is better. Right along with simple being better, length is also important. People have short attention spans, especially in the world of new age technology. Between five and nine words is perfect. Your next step in building an email list is adding an autoresponder.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and let your business grow without you sweating over it? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to set up a system that communicates with your audience and builds relationships with them while you sleep? That is what an autoresponder does. And, much more. 

Let your Auto Responder Work for You

An autoresponder is a tool that email marketers use to communicate with their potential clients and gives them valuable information at designated intervals set ahead of time.  How is this helpful? It does most of your marketing for you. Autoresponders make targeting your audience super easy. Set the autoresponder to speak to your email subscriber list on topics they are interested in by determining the information pathway.  Your readers click on the information links that interest them and the autoresponder sends them to a landing page, a squeeze page, another email with detailed information, or wherever you set the autoresponder to lead them. This, in turn, let’s you know what your subscribers are interested in, which saves you time and money. Statistics reveal that emails customized towards what the readers want to read about have the most clicks and conversions. Now, this is not the only advantage of having an autoresponder.

The more trust your viewers have in you, the more they will support you, the more conversions happen.

The more trust your viewers have in you, the more they will support you, the more conversions happen. Not only do sales increase, but you will experience an increase in referrals to your site, as well as interests towards your brand as a whole. And, anyone can use Autoresponders; from beginners to experts, there is an Autoresponder for you. There are basic Autoresponders, and there are some with extra features. Some Autoresponders are free, as well as there are some that are on the pricey side. AWeber, ClickFunnels, and Sendiio are just of the few autoresponders out there. 


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