De Island Dude Micardo


Wah gwaan (What’s going on)?!! Welcome to my site! Let me introduce myself... My name is Micardo De Island Dude. This page is the About page where I’m supposed to tell you about myself (We’ll talk about building your website pages later). Before I tell you about myself, let me share with you why I created this site...

This website was created for you, whether you are a newbie or a likkle (little) more seasoned in the field of digital marketing. You will be able to gain valuable insight into the world of digital marketing (yes, it’s a whole other world). I will show you step-by-step instructions on how to gain entry into two of the most exciting, successful fields of digital marketing... email and content marketing. Email and content marketing are the cornerstone building blocks of Marketing with De Island Dude.

It’s these two marketing specialties that can change your life. Seriously! No lie. With the overstanding (understanding) you will receive by actively watching the videos, reading the articles, and applying the principles into your business practices...you too can be the next successful digital marketer. I have been showing others how to build their own internet legacies for almost a decade on and off, now it’s your turn.

Now that I have explained to you why I created this site, here’s a likkle about me...I was born in the Caribbean, and it is there where I developed a passion for sales and marketing. I started my life in sales with a brick and mortar business, realizing that I could be doing so much more! I wanted a career that gave mi (my) life flexibility, financial freedom, and a way for me to leave a legacy for generations to come. Isn’t that what we all want?? So, about 10 years ago, I made the switch and start look into digital marketing, and it has completely changed my life. You will see, WHY! you will never be able to look at the internet the same. Why did I choose email and content marketing? It has unlimited potential!!

Now, listen to mon (man), if you are just starting your business or you could add some island spice to your already growing legacy, stay tuned to Marketing with De Island Dude and let’s grow our legacy together!