Email Marketing

From creating a perfect subject line to graphics that jump out at your customers, and valuable content that speaks to your audience, Email Marketing is the absolute platform to increase engagement.

List Building

Building your email list is crucial because Email Marketing is the best way to connect with customers. You are 6x more likely to get higher click-through rates with emails instead of tweets. The Money is in the List!

Video Marketing

Customers gain trust in companies and they’re able to educate themselves about the company and their products through interactive visuals and Video Marketing.


A business with a consistent Blog is not only seen as a thought leader by users, but it also proves value that helps a consumer make informed choices about purchasing products and services.


Prove your expert knowledge with Content Marketing that reveals your value and strength as a business or brand. Amazing Content shows what you can do for your clients and this will drive more traffic to you.

Setting up
Affiliate Programs

Have you always wanted to have a business of your own, but it always seems as if you can never save up the right amount of money to start one? Affiliate Marketing is a shortcut way to achieve success online by Promoting Affiliate Vendor Products and Services.

Advertising on Social Media Platforms.

Approximately 90% of marketers share that Social Media Marketing generated an extreme exposure for their business. Incorporating a Social Media Marketing strategy greatly increases your brand presence while engaging with a wide array of consumers.

Let us build a Digital Laptop Lifestyle and change peoples lives.

Micardo's Digital Island

I created this blog to share and give back to the online community of Digital Marketing Beginners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Online Marketers or the Intermediate Seasoned Digital Marketers. Whatever you classify yourself, as long as you use the web to get traffic and customers, this blog is for you.

I have been an entrepreneur for most of my life working in Sales/Online Marketing since 2007. I have been learning and applying strategies in Email Marketing, List Building, and Content Creation, while working in a wide array of different Affiliate Programs, using free and paid traffic sources.

On this blog, I promise to provide valuable, current and useful Digital Marketing Techniques that we use to produce our results. Stay tuned!

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The Gist Of Email Marketing

So, you may be asking yourself why Email Marketing? Hear what, if you want your business to thrive, Email Marketing is the way to make it happen. Email Marketing gives you the platform to reach out to an endless amount of potential customers, increase your brand awareness, drive more conversions, make your campaigns easier to target, track, monitor, and much more. The benefits are too much to name in this one paragraph. It’s easy to create an email that is personal, welcoming, informative, and engaging. 

You can send videos, social media links, pictures, anything you would like to give more content to your readers. You can schedule your emails to be delivered at a specific time and then reconnect with your customers with an Autoresponder (we’ll get to that) to give more of a personal touch. It really makes connecting with your customers so much easier. How do you build a great email network for the best marketing? List Building. Check out our blog on How to Build Your List.

The Gist Of List Building

List Building is the ongoing process of generating and nourishing an email list of leads, or subscribers, that could develop into being your customers. In Email Marketing, subscriber lists are sent updates and promotional material about products and services you are offering; among other marketing messages and communications via a process that targets people interested in the type of products or services your business offers. Your list is your first and most important audience you can market for the most successful sale. 

Have you ever heard the saying the Money is in the List? Well take it from me, It Is True! If you have a list of people who are interested in the same products that you use to run your business and solve your day to day issues, then you and this audience have a niche in common. And in so doing, you are helping your subscribers solve their problems by sharing useful content, tools, and tips with them. 

The Gist Of Video Marketing

To have a successful online or brick-n-mortar business, you MUST use Video Marketing in your marketing plan. It is impossible to stay competitive in online marketing if you do not include Video Marketing in your business plan. Video marketing is a form of promotion that uses Videos for Marketing. From vlogging to animation videos, Video Marketing draws crowds to your website because videos are entertaining and they catch the attention of your viewer. Videos are also accessible, they engage viewers with the products, convey ideas effectively, and videos with music make viewers more receptive. They are the perfect marketing tool. 

Including Video Marketing into your social media platforms can increase traffic to your business website exponentially. For instance, placing videos on Facebook can allow your videos to be part of the 8 BILLION videos watched daily totaling over 100 MILLION hours of video watching. Daily. 

That’s a lot of business you’re missing. A lot. Humans are emotional beings and they love being entertained. Entertain them. Once you capture the attention of your viewer; they will support you. Period. So, here what, if you want to know how to boost your business with the power of Video Marketing, stay tuned!


Writing blogs used to be a past-time for people to write and share their expression with others. Now, 20 years later, Blogging generates income, a sizable income at that. Yes, writing blogs is still a personal expression for some people, however for marketers, it’s a necessity in the world of Content Marketing. Why? Well, in Content Marketing, promotion for your products and services happen through the articles you write. 

Blogging gives your website visitors valuable content, and you begin to establish yourself as an expert in the field. So, you start to gain trust and brand awareness in the online community. Adding blog posts to your marketing campaign increases traffic to your website, develops customer relationships, brings brand awareness for your site, and creates opportunities for others to share your value with other potential customers. 

Moreover, one of the most important reasons to include blogs on your site is to improve your website SEO. Statistics show that over 71% of Internet Marketers agree that Content is the most effective Search Engine Optimization tool. Keep reading to learn more about creating your content with blog writing.

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